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We provide various leasing services to its clients. These include:

Lease agreements
  • Advising clients on legislative requirements for leasing
  • Ensuring the commercial elements of a lease reflect the original offer made in writing in any letter of offer
  • Advising our clients on stamp duty, registration, GST and other issues that could affect a lease
  • Representing clients during lease negotiations to secure the best possible terms for the lease
  • Assisting in the finalisation of lease documents, including stamping and registration.

We have experienced conveyancing solicitors to help with all stages of property transactions whether you are buying or selling a home, unit, vacant block, strata title, commercial real estate or rural property, and including:-

Contract law
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Sustainability Declarations, Disclosure and Warning Statements
  • Auction Contracts and purchases off-the-plan
  • Cost appraisal including stamp duty, and disbursements such as search and registration fees

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We specialise in Family Law and Dispute Resolution.  Whether you need advice on divorce, property settlement, parenting arrangements, de facto rights and separation entitlements, or financial matters such as maintenance and child support, you can depend on us.

Our Principle Solicitor, Byron Nazer has a Masters degree in family law and is well versed with Dispute Resolution, Property and Parenting matters. 

Our advice is reliable, objective and practical. We have experience in dealing with sensitive and complicated family law matters. Whenever possible, we will try to keep you out of the courts so you can avoid the expense, delay and uncertainty of litigation.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Property settlements
  • Financial agreements
  • Asset tracing and unravelling complex financial arrangements   
  • involving partnerships, superannuation, companies and trusts
  • Parenting matters and child support
  • Relocation matters
  • Spouse maintenance
  • Apprehended Violence Orders
  • Adoption and guardianship applications
  • Disputed estates
  • Mediation services

Whatever your situation, we can advise you on your rights, help you to negotiate and make sure you are in the best possible position for what you want to achieve.

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Immigration law is a very complex area of law. With many of its legislation, rules, and regulations changing and developing at a fast pace, it is understandably hard for people with no legal background to understand them. Therefore, our team at Byron and Associates endeavour to give the most credible and accurate advice to our client in a way that is easy for them to understand. The Principle Solicitor, Byron Nazer has been a Registered Migration Officer since 2007 and has gained valuable experience pertaining to all visa classes during this time. 


The lawyers at Byron and Associates we assist in everything from the visa application process to any legal issues that may arise.


  •  Worker Visas: Subclass 457, Subclass 856 and Religious Worker

  •  Migrant Visas: Skilled Migrants, Partners, Parents, Children

  • Employers: Employer Nomination Scheme, Subclass 457 Nomination and RSMS

  • Applications to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, The Federal Magistrates Court, The Federal Court and The High Court, Ministerial Intervention

Business People Visa

Employer Sponsored Visas

Medical Treatment Visa

Doctors & Nurses Visas

Tourist Visa

Refugee/Humanitarian Visas

Student Visas

Specialist Entry Visa

Professional Development Visa

Professional and Skills Visas (Onshore & Offshore)

Miscellaneous Work: Citizenship, RRV, Permission to Work applications and Bridging Visas


Please call us on: 1300 2BYRON / 1300 229 766


We are a family law firm that helps clients from all cultural backgrounds to plan their end-of-life affairs according to their wishes and the law.

It is never too late to prepare a Will or to revise an existing Will.  We offer expert legal advice, including a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation, so you can ask questions and understand the correct and relevant information needed to document and register a Will for yourself or a relative.


Protect the Contents of your Will from Dispute

It can be very emotional if you believe that your end-of-life wishes could give rise to family disputes or a legal contest. As experienced family law practitioners, we can advise you on how to balance your wishes with the actions of your beneficiaries, family and friends during the drafting and communication of the contents of your Will. Additionally, a legal consultant can provide your Executor with the necessary training and legal assistance at every stage of the process.


Services to Care for the Elderly

The team at Byron & Associates shows great compassion and trust when supporting family members and their aging relatives understand the best approach to providing end-of-life care that meets their personal wishes. We clarify the legal steps required to apply and appoint a legal guardian, along with Powers of Attorney, and to complete detailed Estate documents.

If you or your family is currently caring for aging parents or a an aging relative and you foresee the need to be the legal voice of your loved one, then take up our offer of free legal advice.  Saturday and Sunday consultations can be arranged.


Reviewing Your Will

As you might be aware, a Will is a legal and binding document that outlines the names of the people who you want to leave your assets and possessions to, as at the date of your death. These people, who receive your assets, are known as “beneficiaries”.

Your assets and possessions will include everything that you own apart from your superannuation or death benefits.

Unless you make a Will, you cannot ensure that your assets will be distributed in the way that you wish, when you die.

We will ensure that a valid Will is prepared on your behalf at a nominal fixed charge of $600.00 plus GST (for a simple Will) so that it can be accepted by the Court, and put into effect by “Grant of Probate”.

If your circumstances in life have changed, that is, if you have made a Will before you married, it would automatically be revoked by the law upon your marriage (unless of course that change in your relationship status was contemplated and outlined in your Will). Accordingly, if either you have married or divorced, you should make a new Will.

Kindly contact us if you require us to prepare your Will in accordance with your wishes, so that your assets are distributed to the beneficiaries as you wish, rather than you passing away without a Will (intestate position).

Our expert team can also provide you with legal advice so that you can prepare your will so that:

  • Your last wishes are considered;
  • Your minor children are planned for;
  • Your executors will not encounter any problems with probate.


Please call us on: 1300 2BYRON / 1300 229 766


If you’re new to the home buying process, you may not be familiar with what conveyancers do and how they can help you with the process of buying your home.
Conveyancing is the term for the legal and statutory processes required to effect the transfer of ownership of real estate from one person to another. The preparation, execution, verification and lodgement of numerous legal documents are important elements of conveyancing.
A good conveyancer will explain clearly the meaning and importance of each process, using plain English (not complicated legal terms) to help you understand exactly what's involved and what documentation you are signing. Drawing upon your instructions, we will also assist you to meet your legal obligations and protect your rights and interests.

Investigating the title of the property is one of the most important elements of conveyancing.
Whether buying or selling, you should be aware of anything affecting the property such as proposals by government departments, illegal buildings, or outstanding rates. On your behalf, the conveyancer will conduct the appropriate searches and inquiries on the property.
In summary, conveyancers undertake:
  • Certificate of Title searches
  • Searches of government departments and local authorities
  • Advice on the effect of the contract
  • Preparation and certification of legal documents
  • Stamping of required documents
  • Calculation of adjustments of rates and taxes
  • Preparation of settlement statements
  • Liaison with mortgagors and financiers; and
  • Attendance at settlement.
Things for buyers to look out for include:
  • What encumbrances, charges etc there are on the property? What happens to these?
  • Are all appliances etc in good working order and condition?
  • How is the electrical wiring and plumbing etc?
  • What is included/excluded? Lists should be detailed like is the TV antenna staying?
  • Can I do a final inspection before settlement? (most contracts don't allow for this)
  • Whose interest does the agent represent? (not the buyers)
  • Is GST applicable on the purchase price?
If you want to be sure that your interests are looked after, appoint your own conveyancer. You can engage the services of a conveyancer whether you’re buying or selling a home.  The earlier you speak to a conveyancer, the better as they can help you look over the contracts and give you advice.
So, you might ask, how do I find a good conveyancer? Ask them the below questions and compare:
  • Are you a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers?
  • What's the maximum I can expect to pay in fees and charges?
  • What are your fees and what services are included in those fees?
  • What will any additional services cost?
  • What government fees and charges will I need to pay?
  • How long will settlement take?
  • How will you keep me up to date with what's happening?

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Traffic Law

Our Law Firm can assist you with all areas of Traffic Law, including but not limited to:

Dangerous Driving

Demerit Points

Drink Driving (PCA) / Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI)

Demerit Points

Drive Whilst Disqualified

Drive Whilst Suspended

Drug Driving - Driving whilst under the influence of drugs

Furious Driving

Habitual Traffic Offender

Licence Appeals

Negligent Driving

Police Suspension Notice

Reckless and Predatory Driving

RTA Appeals

Speeding Offences

Street Racing and 'hoon' offences

Suspension of License

Suspension Offences

Traffic Offenders Program

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